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This website is a gallery for contemporary social commentary in collage format.

The time-span of the collages ranges from the 1970´s to the present and the location of their inception from Hawaii to the European Continent. The approach is intended to be socially critical with a stance that is best characterized as the loyal opposition. For those of us who passionately deem it to be of paramount importance in the face of trials and tribulations that our Enlightenment tradition is preserved, this is a form of self therapy.  An effort is made not to slant the endeavor too far towards the progressive or the establishmentarian vantage point. The freeze frame on the Zeitgeist has a constant shadow of conscious grappling with the daily flow of images that bombard our consciousness. Selective perception is a natural process, one where each of us picks up on certain images that they deem to be a piece of a picture that befits the time...something like sifting through mining rock to find the piece of gold, that piece that fits ones desire to find a gestalt that make verbal conversation less important.

Objectivity as a standard

A value free stance is an impossible position to defend and no attempt here is made to hide my passionate desire to contribute, in whatever way I can, to preserve the gains made in the Enlightenment tradition.  Whether, in the United States of America or the Federal Republic of Germany, we will be judged by how we fair in this endeavor. The seemly, insurmountable difficulties we confront today are but one aspect of the tasks that lie ahead. Paramount is the keeping of the faith, passing it on by showing just how far we've come and where we have been. In that spirit, I hope that these collages serve to entertain and stimulate thought about our common heritage.

Cut & Paste as a revolutionary therapy

If one has such a predisposition as described above, then the freedom for self expression abound and the necessary tools are everywhere to be found. The electronic and print media are rich in quality raw materials, scissors, scotch-tape, glue and card board backdrops can be found almost anywhere. The therapy dimension is one's own domain that cherished something that is a value unto itself.